Hey Everyone!
Time is FLYING! I can’t believe I only have 4 weeks left! Well, we got our transfer calls.. for these last four weeks I will be staying in Elma as an STL with Sister Julien and we are training a new missionary!!! I am so excited 🙂 Definitely going to be a crazy few weeks!
I feel like I emailed 3 days ago and am struggling to remember what happened this week. Sister Casner is headed home on Wednesday! It has been interesting to watch her get ready to go home. She is way excited. She is the only active member in her family besides her grandma so she is really headed on a mission to baptize and reactivate her family! We have been helping her get everything figured out for that.
Sister Casner and I also got to go to the Seattle Temple with the other departing missionaries. I LOVE the temple! I was able to see so much more clearly how much I’ve changed and learned in these past 17 months. I felt the importance of covenants and so much gratitude that I live so close to the temple and will be able to go as much as I want when I get back to Logan.
Well, this week is going to be a crazy one! Transfer meeting tomorrow. Casner and I will be bearing our “final testimonies”, Casner will be leaving, and Julien and I will be getting our new “baby” (greenie). Thursday is the “New missionary meeting” and Friday I will hopefully be going back to Lacey for the baptism of a lady I taught there (Dee Brouse)!! I’m so excited! Hope you guys have a great week too!

Sister Hailey Gehringh mission


Family History & Conference

Hey Everyone!
It was a great week here in Elma!
Here’s a quick miracle before I jump into Conference:
On Wednesday we had an appointment for a non-member lady to come get some help with her family history. Unfortunately, the family history specialist who was supposed to help her didn’t show up because she got called in for work. All three of us are pretty clueless when it comes to family history and this lady was needing help with her family line from Finland (very difficult). We were trying to find someone else to come help her but nobody was able to. Long story short, after lots of scrambling and praying in our hearts, Heavenly Father guided us and helped us find a ton of information and people from this lady’s family line she was looking for! It was so awesome to see her excitement! We honestly had no idea what we were doing! One of the things that helped us get some things figured out is we translated one of her ancestors names. Ha I never would have thought to do that on my own!
Now Conference… I hope all of you were able to watch it this weekend! I feel like I learned soooo much! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to hear from a prophet of God and his apostles! Every time I listen to what President Monson has to say, I’m able to receive a personal confirmation that he truly is a man called by God to lead us through these crazy times in the world we live in. I know that he will never lead us astray. One of my “take aways” from conference is that life- and being a disciple of Christ is not meant to be easy, and that’s ok! Because it gives us the opportunity to grow and become more like our Savior. NOW is the time to make sure our lives are firmly built on that foundation of Christ and his gospel. It is the simple, daily things that will keep us there. We can’t allow ourselves to become distracted by worldly things that simply don’t matter in the long-run. The Church is true! We are so blessed. Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring

Lots of Fun, Lots of Miracles

Hey Everyone!
This week was crazy! Lots of fun and lots of miracles!
On Tuesday I was able to go to Shelton on an exchange with Sister Palmer ( I served a transfer with her in Lacey ). All of our appointments fell through but that is just how exchanges go sometimes! We still had a great day in the Washington rain talking about our friends in Lacey. Sister Palmer is one of the sweetest people I know. She is the perfect example of always having a positive attitude. She helped me so much in the transfer that I had with her.

Wednesday morning Sister Julien and I drove up to Zions Camp for the Mission Leadership Council day. We were walked through the different elements in the ropes course and did a few of them to prepare for what we would be helping the other missionaries with the next day. Julien and I were put in charge of 3 different elements and had to come up with stories and rules for each element. It was so fun to be back at Zions Camp! Last year was a really neat experience for me- I was able to understand a lot of weaknesses I had, and this year I was able to see how I have overcome those weaknesses through my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thursday we went back up to Zions Camp with the bottom half of the mission. We had two groups of sisters that we helped through the elements. It was a whole new experience for me to watch people struggle through these activities. I really feel like I have a better understanding of how our Heavenly Father feels as He is watching us struggle through life. “Learning comes in the Struggle” is the phrase that was running through my mind that whole day. This was a really humbling experience for me to see how my Heavenly Father really does have a better view of things than I do, and how it does pain Him to see me struggle, but He knows that we grow the most in the hardest times of our lives. He doesn’t love us less, He is never ignoring or forgetting us- He is simply allowing us to grow.

Friday I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Sister Rea ( we were companions in the MTC ). She is an incredible missionary that I really look up to. I feel like I learned so much about missionary work and charity on that exchange. Sister Rea has charity. Charity is something that I’ve been striving my entire mission to have and I feel like I still have so far to go. Sister Rea truly sees each individual as a child of God and strives to help them feel the love of their Heavenly Father. We saw a lot of miracles that day: a less active is going to talk to the bishop and work towards the temple so she can have her family sealed for eternity, we found a new family who wants to learn about the gospel, and we had an incredible lesson with a man who is truly humble and willing to do whatever God wants him to do.

Saturday was one of the best days of my mission. I was able to attend the baptism of Lisa and Sophia Simmons. A few months ago (when I was serving in Lacey), we taught and baptized a 16 year old girl named Kari. She had a less active father and a mom and sister who were not members. I became very good friends with this family while I was in Lacey. Since I left, Kari’s dad has become active again, and her mom and sister received an answer that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church upon the earth. I was able to speak at their baptism and congratulate them for taking this step in becoming closer to being an eternal family. The two most important things to me are the gospel and my family. It was so exciting to see this family all sitting together, singing “Families Can Be Together Forever”. I’m especially grateful for Kari’s courage and example in helping her family get to this point.
That night was the Women’s Broadcast. It made me SO trunky for the temple!!! I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to be raised in this gospel. I’ve been able to prepare myself and make covenants with my Heavenly Father and see the blessings that they bring. There is peace, and blessings, and answers to be found in the temple. Do everything you can to go as much as possible.

Conference is THIS WEEKEND! I really hope that all of you will take the time to watch it. I know that if you watch it with a question in your heart, it will be answered. Either by what is said by the speakers, or the Holy Ghost. Please ACT on any promptings/answers you receive! Heavenly Father knows what you need and wants what is best for all of you. I know He loves you so much! And so do I! Have a great week 🙂

Sister Hailey Gehring


Hey Everyone!
This week was a pretty fun one 🙂 On Tuesday I was able to go on an exchange with Sister Chapman (one of my previous companions). It was so much fun being with her again! She is going home in 3 weeks! Crazy!
I also went on another exchange with Sister Jones. She is such an incredible missionary and I can’t wait to see all that she is able to accomplish out here in the mission field. She is only on her second transfer and she really came out running!
The best part of my week was the opportunity that I had to go to the temple. Thursday night I received a text saying that President Blatter wanted me to go to the temple with some recent converts in my ward. I wasn’t planning on going but this was a great surprise! We left early Saturday morning and we had an incredible day. I am so grateful for the temple. I am especially grateful for one so close to home so that I can go whenever I want 🙂
Well, sorry I didn’t have much time to write. Time was cut a little shorter than I thought it would be! This next week is going to be a VERY busy and eventful week though so I’ll be sure to write a big letter 🙂 Love you all! Have an awesome week!

Sister Hailey Gehring

Mission Leadership Council

Hey Everyone!
This week flew by! Its mostly just a blur of knocking doors, an exchange with Sister Muto, lots of spiders, service, a couple teaching appointments, mission leadership council, and lots of walking!

My exchange with Sister Muto on Tuesday was great. She is currently serving in Adna and I was able to spend the day there with her! I love Sister Muto. She is a great missionary and is so selfless. She taught me so much when I was with her and it is awesome to see her growth since Port Angeles. We had a blast talking about the fun times we had and the amazing people we were able to meet 🙂

On Friday we had Mission Leadership Council. We discussed some rule changes and other fun things that are coming up: Zions Camp, firesides… etc. We had a training on how to better work with members and I learned so much that I’m excited to put into effect here in Elma! I’ve been able to see so many miracles on my mission from working with members. It is so important that members come to lessons with us and get involved in missionary work! It is a blessing for the member, the missionaries, and the investigator! As missionaries, we get to see miracles every day- we want members to be able to witness these miracles and be a part of them! Everything in missionary work goes better when missionaries and members are working in unity. Rather than the missionaries doing work in their area- it is missionaries helping the members work in the members area! That is the mentality we should have! This work is so amazing and brings so much joy. Get anxiously engaged in it and every aspect of your life will be blessed! Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring


Hey Everyone!
This week has been interesting to say the least! I am not used to having two companions! We have had to figure everything out all over again. It will be a fun transfer 🙂 We already had a pretty fun week!

Our investigator James, who was on date to be baptized on September 14th pushed the date back to October 4th so it will be an extra special conference weekend! So lots of prayers for him please!

One of the highlights of this past week was the exchange I went on with a sister named Sister White. She came to Elma with Sister Casner and I. She had come out on her mission about a year ago, served for a couple months, and had to go home because of a virus in her heart. She was so sick that she couldn’t eat or even walk. So she was home for 8 months recovering and regaining her strength. She came back out about a month ago and is just recently having the same thing happen. On our exchange she was feeling really sick and really tired. We weren’t able to do much that day but we did get to talk to her. I was so amazed at how happy and positive she was even though she was in so much pain. The day before our exchange she had an interview with our mission president and he told her that she needs to pray about whether or not she should stay out here. She wants to be out here SO badly and wants to work but her health is getting worse. I just look up to her so much. It was so fun to get to know her and hear her story. She really helped me have a greater appreciation for my mission and the opportunity that I have to work every day.

Well, that’s all I have for ya today! Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring

Transfer Surprise

Hey Everyone!
So we had a surprise for transfers! Sister Johnston and I really thought we were going to be staying together for at least one more but unfortunately Sister Johnston is getting transferred. She is going to one of my favorite areas: Gig Harbor Wollochet ward! She will be with Sister Thompson (I went to high school with her) and they will be training together! Waaaaaaaay lucky! I have no idea how they are going to fit another person in that little blue house though! Its hardly big enough for two! I’ve told her all about that area already and she is really excited to be ending her mission there. I will be staying in Elma 2nd ward and I will be getting Sister Julien as my new STL companion. We will also be getting Sister Casner! It will be interesting adjusting to having three of us together. This is Sister Casners last transfer so Sister Julien and I will probably be staying together next transfer and get another third companion. But you never know! President really surprised us with this transfer call.

One cool experience I had this week was on Tuesday. I was on an exchange with Sister Lechuga. We had a lesson with our investigator named James Edwards. He has been investigating the church for 9 months now and is sorta dragging his feet with baptism. He goes to church every Sunday without fail, he has read the Book of Mormon 2 1/2 times now, and is keeping the commandments… basically he is a dry Mormon! We have talked to him about his concerns and finally got him on date a couple weeks ago for September 14th. On Tuesday we took our Ward Mission Leader and his wife (the Whites) with us for our lesson. In a previous lesson James had mentioned the fact that Sister Johnston and I, as well as the fellowship we had for his lessons were all members who had grown up in the church and that he wanted to talk to converts. Well, the Whites and Sister Lechuga were all converts. They shared their conversion stories and had a great discussion. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and it was brought up that James may not get a really strong confirmation until he was in the waters of baptism, or even after that! It was also brought up that he needed to give the spirit time to answer his prayers when he was praying. These were two things that Sister Johnston and I had taught James a few days before. Sister Johnston had felt impressed to tell James that he would receive his confirmation in the waters of baptism. I hadn’t told the Whites or Sister Lechuga about this promise that was made to James so it was really cool to see that they were also prompted to promise him that as well. The Spirit is SO key in teaching. As long as we are listening and following the promptings we receive, we will be able to say what our Heavenly Father knows they need to hear.

Lately I’ve been pondering on my mission; the experiences I’ve had, how I’ve changed, and the people I’ve grown to love. I feel so blessed to have had this experience. I know that it has changed me and changed my life 🙂 It has been fun serving with Sister Johnston because we are able to see how much each other has changed since we were in the MTC together. She has really taught me a lot and I feel blessed to have her as one of my best friends. I realized yesterday that I’m in the final weeks of my mission. I have 10 weeks to work hard and give it my all. I’ve changed a lot but I expect to learn and grow even more in these last few weeks! So happy to be in the WaTac 🙂 Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring

Emily’s Baptism

Hey everyone!
Wow, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving for the past week! Ha missionary work was pretty fast paced before but now we don’t have time for anything! We did a lot of driving this week. We drove to Lacey (my old area-about an hour away) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (to Tacoma on Friday), and Saturday.
Tuesday and Wednesday it was for my first exchange as an STL. I was able to go to Olympia with Sister Chapman (my companion from Gig Harbor). We had a blast catching up on things that have happened on our missions since we had been companions. It went really well for my first exchange I think. I love that girl. So grateful for the friends I’ve been able to make on my mission.
Friday we had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) It was a lot of fun! I’m really enjoying being able to work more closely with President and Sister Blatter and getting to know them. They are great. For MLC we discussed some of the rules in the mission and some potential changes. The Blatters are very interested to hear our opinions and figure out what is best for the mission. We also had a great training from the APs and President.
Saturday we went back to Lacey for the baptism of Emily Ott! I had the opportunity to teach her during those 6 weeks I had in Lacey and she moved her baptism up because her family from Utah wanted to come support her. She has been investigating the church for about 45 years. It was such a wonderful baptism and I am so grateful that she has made the decision to be baptized and set goals to get to the temple. She is very excited and so is her family.
Our investigator Scott came to church yesterday! We had all been invited in ward council to bear our testimonies so we did! I talked about Emilys baptism and how I knew that her baptism was done by the same authority that Christ was baptized with and how grateful I was that the Priesthood and fullness of the gospel was restored to the earth for us and a few other things. Just a simple testimony. But last night we went to see Scott and he was really touched by our testimonies and asked: How do I get baptized, and can I get baptized in Elma? Ha so we told him all about baptism and invited him to be baptized on the 23rd! He has to work on some things but we are so excited for him! He told us that our church is the only one that he has really felt good about being in. He said he found home 🙂 and even got a little teary! Big deal for an old logger! I just love the Spirit and how much of an influence it has on people when they have their hearts open.
Well, crazy week! Ha and that was only the biggest things that happened this week! Hope you all have a good one!

Sister Hailey Gehring


Hey Everyone!
This week has been awesome! I absolutely LOVE Elma! It is out in the middle of nowhere 🙂 Our area covers a few very small towns: Elma, Montesano, Satsop, and Brady. Much different from being in Lacey! Sister Johnston is awesome 🙂 We are having a blast catching up on what has happened on our missions since the MTC. We have both changed so much. I feel like we haven’t stopped since transfer meeting. We really did hit the ground running- there is so much to do here and so little time! The ward is a little sad… not many people were at church. We do have an incredible ward mission leader who helps us so much though!
We have two people who we are teaching. Scott and Sherri. Scott is a retired logger who wants to be baptized! He has some interesting views on some things but he came to church on Sunday and is very in tune with the Spirit. Sherri was a former investigator that we found this week. Her boyfriend and his daughter are moving from Nigeria to come live with her and she said that they all want a new fresh start and they want to get married and be baptized! Ha so we will see how that goes!
I got some exciting news this week! An investigator that I was teaching in Lacey last transfer (Emily) is getting baptized August 2nd! It got moved up 2 weeks! So I get to go to her baptism this week 🙂 Soooo happy for her. She really wants to be sealed to her husband in the temple. She is such a special lady. She has been investigating the church for about 45 years now!
On Saturday I had a very tender moment visiting a lady named Hilda. She is in her 70s and had a stroke a few years ago. She now is not able to communicate very well at all. She is living with her daughter and son in law and its not a very good situation. We just felt like we should go see her. She was home alone and so we had a little chat with her. We talked with her for a few minutes- she still responds and tries to talk, we just can’t understand her at all. But we shared a scripture with her and bore our testimonies and she started telling us about some really hard things in her life that God has helped her get through. She also bore her testimony on the resurrection. She spoke just as unclearly as she usually did but the Spirit was so strong that we were able to understand her testimony. 🙂 I also played “Choose the Right” on the piano for her (Ha not very well, but I tried) and she started crying and gave us big hugs 🙂 I love being a missionary. I know that she really just needed to feel loved and isn’t it wonderful that we get to help with that 🙂 I’ve really been feeling so grateful for what God is allowing me to experience every day on my mission. I am so blessed!
I hope you all have a great week 🙂 Can’t believe we are almost through July… I love you all 🙂

Sister Hailey Gehring

Sister Training Leader

Hey everyone!
What a crazy week! I don’t know if I mentioned it, but transfers are this week! We finally had our interviews with President Blatter this past Friday- it was great. He is a great President and really cares about the WaTac and all of us missionaries!
The day after interviews I got a call from President Blatter for my transfer call! That was unexpected! I am going to be transferred to Elma to be an STL with Sister Johnston! That really took me by surprise and all I could think to say was, “Are you sure?…” Ha so it will be a crazy few transfers! I’m excited but mostly nervous… Sister Training Leaders are over 6 other sister companionships and I will be going on exchanges with these sisters. So one exchange per week! Crazy!! Sister Johnston came out with me so we were in the MTC together. I think we will have a great transfer. She is a very obedient and hard working missionary! So yupp, off to Elma!
Yesterday was really special. Kari Simmons(16) was baptized! We got there early to fill the font and set everything up. We knew there would be a lot of people so we set up 50-60 chairs. Kari was so excited! About 10 mins before the baptism, people started flooding in! We ended up having over 100 people there! Everything went really well and it was a very special experience for Kari and her family. Her grandpa (who recently just started coming back to church) was able to baptize her. Her dad (who is not active) and her non member mom and sister were all there to support her! This family is so special and I feel like Heavenly Father has big plans for this family! 🙂
I feel so lucky to be out here doing this work and seeing all these miracles happen. I ran across a scripture this week that really hit me: D&C 58:16
“Behold his mission is given unto him, and it shall not be given again.”
This just reminded me how precious this time is! I only have one chance to serve as a full-time missionary in the WaTac! I have met so many incredible people who have changed my life and I have so many wonderful memories. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring