Hey Everyone!
I’m in Tacoma! It has been an insane week! I actually forgot to bring my journal so I’ll try my best to remember everything!
I got really close to everyone in my branch at the MTC so when we got to Tacoma it was kinda sad. But we were all so excited to be out of the MTC! My mission president and his wife are awesome 🙂 Sister Weaver is just the sweetest lady ever and I’m so excited to get to know them really well! My companion from the MTC is Sister Rea and Idk what I told you about her but she was super nice and we had some great spiritual experiences in the MTC so I was scared and sad to leave her but my new companion is AWESOME! Her name is Sister Crosby. She is short and blond and ready to work! We never stop! Ha but we are having a lot of fun together and I’m doing my best to learn as quickly as I can!
This last week we had a lot of training meetings and such but we still met with quite a few people. Ha one lady we met with this week is Rosa. She is this old spanish lady and she is so cute! We were planning on going over to her house just to visit with her and share a little message with her but when we got there she was making us sandwiches. We had just barely eaten a ton at bishops house (our bishop is 28 years old and is a dentist!) and were soooo full. But of course we knew we would have to eat it. She wouldnt let us help her make it so we watched as she covered the bread, lettuce, turkey, and tomato in mayonaise… ha soooo much mayo! Ha so we sat down to eat it and she asked us what we want to drink. We both said water and she says Oh! but I have milk! and started to fill our glasses with milk. My companion doesnt drink milk so she looked a little worried. So as soon as Rosa turned her back, I picked up my glass and drank about half of it and hurried and switched my glass with Sister Crosbys. We both did our best to keep from laughing but it didn’t work too well… Ha
My schedule for the day is: Wake up at 6:30, get ready till 7:30, personal and companionship study, then we have meetings and appts with people, 5-7:00 is tracting every day. and then we usually have a few appts until 9. Then we plan for the next day and talk about our day before getting ready for bed! One of our investigators is Melvin. He is planning on being baptized this saturday but we might move it back a couple weeks. He is an alchoholic so we wanna make sure he isn’t gonna fall back on bad habits once he has been baptized. He is so incredible tho! He is super excited about the gospel and can’t wait to turn his life completely around. There is a lot to his story but I don’t have much time to write…
Yesterday was interesting… There were only about 40 people in the whole chapel yesterday. Ha and by the way, we have 6 missionaries to just my area (Tacoma West) (I’m in the Highland hills ward) Lots of work to do in my area! But anyways, lots of people who were at church yesterday were recent converts. Sunday school and relief society were just explaining what our church is about mostly. Very basic stuff. We also were able to go to a fireside yesterday. It was out of our area but Sister Crosby was leading the choir (missonaries-including me! 🙂 ). It was so amazing and the spirit was strong. You could smell smoke and it made me so excited because you know what that means!! Investigators!! 😉 haha so yeah. Everything is giong great! I feel overwhelmed with all the things I’m learning and need to learn but it will come with time! All that matters is that this gospel is true and I love it and I am here to share it with everyone that I can! Thanks for everyone who has sent letters and emailed me! I’m very busy but I’ll do my best to reply when I can! Love you all!
     Sister Gehring
Random Tacoma Fact: EVERYONE has dogs here!!