Hey Everyone!
Hope all is well! Thanks for all the emails! I love you all! So another week in Tacoma! I love it here šŸ™‚ It has been so sunny and beautiful! Hopefully it stays that way! I actually got sun burnt last P-day and the day after! We have a car but my companion and I don’t really like being in the car so we walk a lot. That might change if it starts getting rainy on us tho!
So I don’t know what I told yall about M last week but he is getting baptized on Saturday! We have been teaching him almost daily since I got here. We told him to pray to know when he should be baptized and we also prayed and guess what! We both felt that it should be June 15th! And that is the day that he is scheduled for! He has also stopped smoking completely! He realized that he was holding himself back from blessings and feeling the spirit so he decided to quit completely! Yay! I’m so excited for Saturday šŸ™‚
Another fun thing that happeded this week… We were teaching a lesson to a Muslim lady and she ended up just trying to convince us that we were wrong and all that so we weren’t feeling so great after that lesson, so we left and right when we walked out of the ladys apartment, we saw that a family was trying to move in right next door! We saw them when we were walking in for our lesson and they just kinda looked at us and turned their backs when we said hi. So we jumped right in and started helping them move into their second floor apartment. They had a huge moving van full of stuff and we finished in about 2 1/2 hours. They eventually started warming up to us and asked about where we were from and stuff. Ha we found out that they were moving here because they are a lesbian couple and couldn’t adopt one of their ex girlfriends daughters unless they moved here! It is those two and their (almost) adopted daughter, one of the girls brothers and his two young daughters. Ha it was a crazy service project! Just picture it, two little blond girls in skirts, with nametags, taking couches and a fridge and dressers and a ton of big boxes up the stairs! It was probably pretty funny lookin… but I’ve been really wanting to do service so I really enjoyed it! I don’t think we even asked if we could help, but they were really really glad that we showed up! I know for a fact that they couldn’t have gotten all of that up there! Ha
So I don’t really remember what I write in these emails so if I repeat stuff or assume you all know something and just start talking about random stuff you don’t know about, I’m sorry! But last week at church there was NOBODY there! Super small number of active ward members. Yesterday we had a whopping 115 people in sacrament meeting! Our work is paying off! Yay! It was so exciting!
I don’t know if you all know this, but our prophet is speaking to us soon! So I hope we all turn on our tvs and LISTEN! We are so lucky to have a prophet who recieves revelation for US for OUR TIME! So please please please listen! šŸ™‚
Anyways, I hope all is going well for all of you! I love you all and miss you! Know that I’m doing well and I love being a missionary. It is so special to have this calling to represent Christ and His Church! This church is true. The atonement is real. We are Gods children and He loves us sooooooooo much! Have a great week everyone!
Sister Gehring