Hey everyone!
First off I want to say Happy Fathers Day yesterday to all the amazing men in my life. I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day and I love you all soooo much!
So, I’ve officially been a missionary for a month now! It is crazy how fast that month went! I can already feel my mission clock counting down and it is pretty scary! 18 months is going to fly by!!
So… Melvin. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was baptized on Saturday! It was so amazing! I can’t believe how much he has changed since we started seeing him! He actually told us that the day he found us he was considering taking his life… He was in a pretty dark place. But! Since then he has stopped drinking alcohol, stopped smoking, stopped drinking coffee, shaved his beard, and even cut his hair! But those physical changes aren’t the biggest differences. He shines now. His eyes are bright and you can see the light in them. He is so happy and so willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful service and his 11 year old daughter sang Come Follow Me with me and my companion right before he was baptized! We got him a picture of the Seattle Temple and a journal and gave him the goal to go through the temple in 1 year. We promised him that if he kept that goal that we would both be there to go with him!
One of my favorite things to do out here is service. Pretty much everyone we talk to we ask if we can do anything for them. Wednesday turned out to be a whole day of service! After studying, we went to Sister Galloways house. She is in her 60s and is taking care of both of her parents and her husband and his father. She has a lot going on so we did a bunch of yard work for her. It was a lot of fun! Right after that we went to Sister Kovichs to weed her garden but when we got there she put us to work in her house- organizing her books. She had some CRAZY weird books! And she is a hoarder. I couldn’t believe how much stuff she had! And her whole house is covered in probably half an inch of dust. Lets just say we had some allergy issues… Haha. We spent a while helping her and while we were there Sister Simon called. She is divorcing her husband- he is really into drugs and she finally gave up because she knows it isn’t working and that he will never be able to take her to the temple. She needed help packing up her house because she was moving to Texas and needed to be out by that night. We showed up to her apartment and almost nothing was packed! Her mom had come to help her but actually just spent the whole week at casinos. While my companion and I packed up the whole kitchen, her mom was lying on the couch watching us. Ha and then she had her 11 year old daughter give her a back massage! Ha some people… I’m really glad Sister Simon called us tho. She really needed help. We had to leave at 4:00 though because we had a lesson. Then we tracted from 5-7 as usual. Then after tracting we moved some boxes to a storage unit for the Days. It was a fun day and I got to wear pants for most of it so I was happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss my jeans and cowgirl boots pretty bad! Haha
I don’t remember if I said this already but we go knocking doors every day from 5-7:00. Some days are harder than others but we kinda look at it as tithing. If we are very strict about our 5-7s we will receive blessings. Period. If we don’t do them, we might miss out on people who we need to find and we won’t receive those blessings. I’ve found that on the days when it is really hard to do our 5-7s are the days that we find the most people and see the most blessings. At first I was scared going up to peoples doors and just talking to random strangers but now it is pretty easy. Not many people in this area give us a chance to say much tho. But nothing we do here is a waste. We are planting seeds. We have no idea how what we are doing will affect people. I am really working on being bold when talking to people. Ha my companion has been practicing that more too. We went to see a man named Anthony on Saturday to invite him to come to church. He told us that he had an opportunity to make about $1200 dollars the next day and possibly get a job and that he most likely wouldn’t come. We told him that we are commanded by God to go to church and explained the importance of it. Then we told him that he would receive blessings and that things would work out if he put God first. He still wasn’t sure if he would come after that so when we were leaving my companion said, “Anthony, I know you are going to be at church tomorrow. You need those blessings so I’ll see you tomorrow.” And we walked out the door. Yesterday at church I kept an eye out because I really thought he was going to come. Church started and he wasn’t there… The sacrament was passed and he still wasn’t there. Then after the sacrament I looked back and couldn’t believe what I saw! There he was! Sitting in the back! Ha I couldn’t help but laugh and pointed it out to my companion. As missionaries we have the authority to make promises to people if we are prompted by the spirit. I talked to Anthony after sacrament meeting and before rushing out the door, he said something about needing the blessings. I’m really excited to teach Anthony this week because I know that he is searching for truth- he showed us that by coming to church. And he wants to put God first. I know that if we put God first, we WILL recieve blessings and He will make sure things work out. Maybe not in the ways we want or expect it to… but He knows what is best for you, so trust Him.
This Sunday President Monson is speaking to the whole world! I’m so excited to hear what he has to say! It is so easy to get caught up in things of the world but make sure to stop for just a little while and listen to what God wants us to hear.
Well, thats about it for this week! I love you all! Thanks for all the emails ๐Ÿ™‚ I love hearing from all of you.

-Sister Hailey Gehring