Hey Everyone!
Wow! What a week! The actual missionary work was slow this week but there were some fun things that happened! I have quite a bit that I want to talk about but not much time! So I’m sorry if this email is a little crazy and if it doesn’t make much sense!

On Wednesday we had our “Mission Tour”. Elder Piper came and spent the week in our mission and on wednesday we spent pretty much the whole day listening to him speak! Ha it was long but very interesting! All of us missionaries have been preparing for him to come to our mission ever since I got to Tacoma! Getting haircuts, cleaning the cars, … making sure everything was perfect! Ha but when my companion and I were getting ready that morning the power went out! Great timing… It went really well though and one thing that he said really stuck out to me that I had never thought about before. He talked about how the purpose of the priesthood is to bind us together and that the purpose of ordinances and covenants are to bind us to God we were also able to hear a Elder Pipers incredible testimony! So amazing!

So the weather has been pretty nice ever since I got here but we did have one freezing cold day of tracting! I was very happy the next day of tracting though because it was sunny 🙂 Shows you how we really don’t notice certain things until they are gone! I am very grateful for sunny days here now! Hopefully they will last a little while! Actually last night there was a huge rainstorm! When we got home we sat in the car and braced ourselves for the 4 seconds that we would be out in the rain. We ran as fast as we could to our apartment and in those 4 seconds we were soaked all the way through! Ha definitely the craziest rain I’ve ever seen!

Yesterday was a big day! I had a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday that I had no time to prepare for so I stayed up saturday night to write it. I was up pretty late and then when I got in bed finally I couldn’t go to sleep because I was too excited about hearing President Monson speak! It seriously was like Christmas for us missionaries!! My talk went well (I think-I don’t really remember exactly what I said…) But the broadcast yesterday was awesome! “The work of Salvation!” It is so crazy how this work is growing! There are so many missionaries and there are going to be even more coming out! But we really can’t do it alone. We may be full-time missionaries but everyone is a missionary! The Lord is moving his work forward and it is time for everyone to be involved in sharing His great message! This knowledge that we have is so important and we have to be bold in sharing it! So get excited about missionary work! Go do it and get to work!

After the broadcast we hurried over to Puyallup for a fireside. We do these missionary firesides where we invite everyone we can to come! All of us missionaries sing as a choir and a few bear their testimonies of Jesus Christ. It is a VERY powerful meeting and the spirit is extremely strong. At the end, all of the converts to the church stood up. They all stood there with their heads up and they all looked so happy. It brought tears to my eyes to see them with big smiles on their faces. This gospel really does bring true happiness! This life is hard but Christ knows exactly what we are going through. He is walking beside us. And when life gets hard and it feels like we are walking alone, if you turn to Him, you will realize that he is carrying you. I can feel Christ carrying me every day. He is my best friend and I know He loves me and all of you more than we could ever know. He went through so much pain and suffering for you and all He asks is to follow Him. “Come follow me”. He has already paid the price for you so that you can live with Him and your family and Heavenly Father again someday. That is the ultimate goal. So… Pray every day. Read your scriptures every day. Repent every day. Go to church every sunday. These are all things that will bring you closer to Him. I love you all! Have a great week!

-Sister Hailey Gehring

P.S. My mission is splitting this week! The WaTac is losing a couple areas that are going to the new Washington Federal Way mission! It is very exciting but sad to lose some of my amazing friends that I made in the MTC.