Hey Everyone!
So this week wasn’t super eventful… my companion was sick so we had to slow down a little bit this week. My companion isn’t one to take breaks or take our time on anything haha so I think she just overworked herself. She has been having really bad headaches and hasn’t had any energy. We went to the doctor and her blood test results will be in tomorrow so we will see if anything is wrong there. We went to the doctor on Friday and she is feeling a little bit better now. President Weaver gave her a blessing and told her to take breaks. Haha so now we are going to make sure to take time for lunch or a break during the day.
On Tuesday we went to the gym and we had a personal trainer who kicked out butts! I think the actual work out she had us do was only like 20 mins but we are still walking funny from being so sore! We have been going to the gym but we have another session with our trainer tomorrow so yeah, that should be fun! Ha
This week has been HOT! I expected rain 24/7 when I got my mission call but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how nice the weather has been for the most part! Everyone has been complaining about how hot it has been lately but I love it! Nobody has AC here tho so it gets pretty hot inside.
Lately we haven’t had any investigators so we have spent lots of time visiting less actives and members to uplift them and invite invite some to come back to church. This ward has a lot of needs so we spend a lot of time doing visits and inviting members to do missionary work!
Next week is transfers so we will see if I get moved out of Tacoma. I feel like I’m going to be staying but you never know!! I hope everyone is doing well and I really enjoy the letters and emails that you are all sending 🙂 I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring