Hey everyone!
This week was great 🙂 We were able to teach April (the lady who has 5 kids) and we also took them to a musical that was done by the stake! Pirates of Penzance! It was a lot of fun! We will hopefully be teaching April and her family about the restoration this week!
Ha now that I’m thinking back on this week all the days are blending together! Time is crazy here! Always running around doing something! We have a lot of fun though! I have really enjoyed getting to know members and talking to so many people! This is a very unique experience that I get to have! This past week we had probably double the people at church compared to my first week here! As missionaries our job is to teach and to baptize. My companion and I were a little down because we weren’t teaching many people and if we aren’t teaching, we aren’t able to baptize. But then we realized that doesn’t mean that we aren’t successful missionaries! When people think of baptism they normally think of just the getting dunked in the water part. But there are two parts to baptism. We are only baptized in the water once, but we go to church every sunday to take the sacrament to renew the covenants that we made at baptism. That second part is SO important. If we get baptized but don’t do our part to go to church to take the sacrament, it almost defeats the purpose of being baptized. None of us are perfect, so we all need to repent and take the sacrament every week. My companion and I have visited so many less active members and shared with them the importance of coming to church every week and it is SO amazing to see people start coming to church again to renew the covenants they made!
I never realized how important the sacrament was until I came on my mission. As a missionary I am always striving to have the Holy Ghost with me all the time. When I was younger I always thought that missionaries were perfect! The first thing I learned as a missionary is that we aren’t perfect just because we are missionaries! We make mistakes! Everyone does! The most useful advice that my companion has given me in the time that we have been together is to “repent every day”. In the scriptures it tells us to “speedily repent” and if we do repent throughout the week, we are able to have all those mistakes we made completely erased when we take the sacrament. Ah! I just love church! And I love this gospel. It is so exciting to be a missionary right now with all the excitement of the flood of missionaries that I have the opportunity to be at “the front lines” with! I know that this church is true. With the world changing and all the crazy things going on, the gospel is always going to be a constant. There are eternal truths. I love you all and I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Sister Hailey Gehring