So… I’m getting transferred! I’m nervous to leave my companion but I’m going to a place called Gig Harbor which is apparently VERY pretty and the work is really good there right now! 🙂 So I’m headed there tomorrow! You can still send me letters to the address that you were before but it might take me longer to get them… I’ll try to send the address of wherever I’m staying next week. How have you been? This past week was a slow one but that’s ok because I get a new fresh start in a new area with a new companion. My soon-to-be companion came out with me but I don’t know her. Sister Clayson, I think?? Everyone says that she is really quiet but is suuuper sweet. I’m nervous that she is quiet but I think we will get along 🙂 In the area that I’m in right now, the ward is still struggling. There were lots of people at church yesterday though!!! 🙂 We’ve put all our energy and time pretty much in trying to help the ward. I’ve gotten really close with some of the families in the ward and I’m really going to miss them 😦 The bishop had me get up in sacrament meeting yesterday for a “farewell testimony” thing and yeah… I cried. Ha I just LOVE these people! I know this ward SO well! I’ve visited every active family in the ward and spent a lot of time with less actives. I’ll be back someday though. I knew I would leave eventually. The Wollochet Ward that I’m going to is apparently one of the best wards in our mission- lots of active members who are excited about missionary work. And I guess the work is going really well over there. I’m only moving about 10 mins from where I am now. I am just moving across the bridge. I can literally see my new area from here right now. haha! Just on the other side of the water! And my new area isn’t city!!!! Wooooooo! I HATE living in the city! Wollochet is rich and they apparently have a lot of “wannabe farmers” so I’m more than excited to just see a cow! And NOT hear sirens and cars 24/7! haha I’m excited to meet all the people who are in the Wollochet ward! Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! This next week is going to be crazy! All this change all over again! Yesterday I felt like I was leaving home to go on my mission again… Lots of prayers for this week please! ha well, I love you. And I’m not going to be going to the Neilsens house to pick anything up… If you send anything with them you can tell them to give it to Crosby to take to the mission office or I can always pick it up on next transfer day (October 1st). You really don’t need to send anything really. I can just go shopping next P-day. I’m kinda frustrated with the clothes I brought. haha. mostly just the skirts. but It really isn’t that important. And I can buy boots out here. Don’t worry about it. I’ll find some that I like and just get them. I might need liquid foundation (the light one) but not for a few weeks probably. and an eyebrow pencil. and blush.(again all these things I don’t need for probably a month.) And you sent me the little compact box thing but there wasn’t anything in it… You could always send lotion or nail polish that type of thing but HA I’ve been surviving without those types of things so that’s only if you want to spoil me. I don’t really need anything. I love you all and hope you guys are ready for school to start!!
Sister Hailey Bug