Hey Everyone!
So… In my last email I was pretty nervous for transfers. I made it through my first week in my new area and I LOVE IT! Gig Harbor is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to in my life. As soon as we crossed the bridge and drove into Gig Harbor, I could feel the special spirit of this place. My new companion is Sister Clayson and we have had SO much fun this week 🙂 As soon as we got to our area we decided to get right to work and knock some doors. We talked to so many people and found some new people to teach- great way to start off a transfer! People are definitely being prepared here. They are building a new stake center and they don’t really have enough people to fill it yet. But by the looks of it, they will have enough once they are done building it! I have so much to say about this new area! Ha so first off, it’s beautiful! It is NOT the city (thank goodness!) I’ve even seen some horses and cows out here 🙂 People are so nice here compared to my last area. In Tacoma we had 6 missionaries in one ward and it just got overknocked so people hated us over there. But people are so friendly here! I’ve talked to more people in this past week than I did my past two transfers combined! And the ward is great! Ha I feel like I’m back in Utah! A full ward with TONS of people who want to come out with us and we’ve gotten referals and we eat dinner at a members house every single night. It is literally booked out a month in advance. People are practically fighting over who gets to feed us! Ha! Hopefully I don’t gain too much weight here!
I’m living in an adorable little blue mother-in-law house 🙂 it is very small but soo cute! I’ll send a picture of it. My companion went to Utah State before coming on her mission. We found out that we both LOVE country swing dancing and it turns out that our paths crossed all the time! We were both at swing dancing at the Fun Park every Monday and Wednesday and we even know some of the same people! We have a lot in common and are both so excited about this time we have to be missionaries! She is a great teacher and we are both learning a lot from each other 🙂
My first day here we went to see Terry. She is an investigator and she is amazing! She is a lady in her 50s, she is an incredible artist, she has had a crazy life but she is so fun and giving! And she is getting baptized this Saturday! We taught her 4 times this week and each time she had a little present for us 🙂 Seashells, fresh rosemerry, blackberries, tomatoes, and one time we went over and she had a little tea party set up for us! And when we saw it we were so shocked and she was like, “I’ve been looking forward to you guys coming all day! It’s like a girl waiting for her boyfriend to come over!” Haha I just love her 🙂 She has trouble reading but she has now finished the childrens Book of Mormon and is started on the real one! And she just loves this gospel so much already and can’t wait to get baptized!
I’ve seen so many miracles this week! Ha and we’ve already had some funny things happen. One day while we were tracting, we went up to a house and the front porch was blocked with caution tape but the garage door was open so we went in the garage and knocked on the door in there. Nobody answered so I rang the doorbell…. It wasn’t a doorbell (duh, we were in a garage, who has doorbells in their garage? Didn’t think that one through…) Yeah so it was actually their garage door button. I almost had a heart attack while their big garage door started closing us in. I hurried and pushed it again so that we didn’t get trapped ha but that was one of the scaryest moments of my life! A little Asian man answered but he wasn’t interested. Lol
Then another day during tracting we found a cute little old lady named Timmy. She opened the door and immediately invited us to sit on her back pattio with her to talk. She was so sweet but seemed sad. We found out that her husband died a couple months ago. We shared a restoration pamphlet with her and told her that we knew that she would be able to see her husband again someday. She said she believed that and then told us that she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. I gave her a copy and we told her a little bit about where it came from and shared the experience that Joseph Smith had and the spirit was SO strong. We all had tears in our eyes and she said that she knew that what we said was true. Then while my companion was saying something to Timmy, I looked at the copy of the Book of Mormon that was in my hands and I noticed something on the back of the front cover. I took a closer look and found a testimony from a girl named Sofie written in it. I had no idea why this book had a young girls testimony in it but I knew it was a special book. I felt so strongly that I had to give Timmy THIS book. But I had already given her one so I didn’t know how to trade books with her! Then I felt that I should share the promise in Moroni 10:4 with her. So I flipped the pages of my book to the scripture I wanted to share and gave the book to Timmy to trade with her! It was very sneaky 🙂 Ha of course it wasn’t me though. Two points for the Spirit!! Later when I told my companion that I had given that specific book to Timmy, I found out that this was a very special book. Sophie is the bishops 11 year old daughter and that book has been through a lot. Very long story… But we both knew that Timmy was the one who needed to have it 🙂
It has been a great week! I’m so excited that I have at least 5 more weeks here! My testimony has been strengthened SO much these past couple days. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true and that we are the most happy when we keep the commandments. I’ve never felt more joy in my life than the joy I’ve felt here on my mission. (Mosiah 2:41) I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring

Totom Pole outside of the Little Blue House

Totom Pole outside of the Little Blue House

Gig Harbor House