Hello Everyone!
AH! Wasn’t conference awesome!? I loved it! Ha but somehow I’m struggling with what I should say about it! There was SO much good! Flipping through my pages of notes is just getting a little overwhelming. My favorite talk was definitely the one by Elder Uchtdorf! Wow. Ha when he first started off his talk by asking why anyone would ever join this church after listing off all the many time consuming and unusual things that the Lord requires of us as members of the church, I kinda laughed because I have asked myself that same question! There is a lot required of us! And as a teenager I didn’t understand why… You can bet I understand much better now 🙂 We gain so much. While knocking doors last night we ran into a guy who asked that question. “Why join that church and put so much into it? What do you gain?” I was able to tell him about the joy, direction, assurance, peace and closeness to my Savior that I feel from being a member of his restored church. Also the opportunity to participate in making covenants with God and keep His commandments so that I can have even more joy and blessings in the life to come. Ha after my companion and I were done talking to him his heart still wasn’t softened enough to read the Book of Mormon or keep any other commitments but before we left he did say “Well, if I ever did decide to join a church, I’d be a Mormon ;)” haha
So Aislinn and her kids are doing great! We taught them the Resoration and the Plan of Salvation and she and her three kids are on date to be baptized on the 26th! 🙂 She is doing much better now and problems are slowly working themselves out. We are having a hard time meeting with her very often because she has 4 different jobs that she is working right now.. So continue to pray for Aislinn and her kids 🙂 Thank you!
Well, I hope you all had a chance to watch conference! We are so lucky to have a prophet on the earth today 🙂 I know that this church is true and I hope that if any of you have any doubt about that… that you would do as Elder Uchtdorf said and before you doubt your testimony, doubt your doubts!! You at one point knew that it was true so remember that time and doubt your doubts!! Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring