Hello Everyone!
Wow! This was a long week! So… I got a new companion! Sister Chapman. We get along really well. We are pretty different but we are having a lot of fun already! I just love her πŸ™‚ She is from Arizona. She is 22 years old and she is a massage therapist!
The reason why it was a long week is because I’m a little overwhelmed taking over an area. I have always moved into an area where my companion had already been there for at least a transfer but now I’m the one who has to know everything and make decisions! Ha it was a pretty slow week, especially because the family that we baptized last week was where we were spending all our time before and now we are just trying to look for more people to teach! But missionary work isn’t meant to be easy. I’m learning a lot!! πŸ™‚
The work is really going well in this area though! Yesterday we actually dedicated a new Stake Center! There were 1500 members there! WOW! It was an incredible thing to see. It was probably the largest gathering of Saints in Gig Harbor ever! We are also gearing up for the Nativity Festival that is coming up the beginning of December. I’m doing a musical number with some missionaries for it! Should be fun!
This week one of the 12 is coming to talk to our mission! I’m so excited! We still don’t know who it is but I’m sure I’ll be talking about it next Monday! Our mission is doing everything we can to prepare spiritually before this Saturday πŸ™‚
So yeah, that’s about it for this week! I’m still loving being in Gig Harbor πŸ™‚ Hope everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚ Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring