Hey Everyone!
Exciting week! So the apostle who came to our mission was Neil L Anderson!! It was so awesome! He was super funny and we all got to shake his hand! 🙂 It was amazing to hear him talk about missionary work from an Apostles perspective! He also talked about how the things that are unseen (The Spirit, our feelings and our hearts for example) Are the things that are eternal. And we are here on earth to understand things through the eye of faith. He also gave us a lot of advice on how to be better missionaries. 🙂
Also, we have been busy with lots of people that we are teaching! We have quite a few people who have been wanting to learn more about the gospel! Most of them are friends or family of recent converts! Actually, all of them are! Ha these recent converts aren’t afraid to share the gospel! It is because their lives are SO blessed by this amazing gospel and have a desire to share it with others! 🙂
Thanksgiving is this week! It is so weird to be in Washington this year! I have soooooo many things that I am grateful for 🙂 I am thankful for my family and friends who are such a great support to me, for this chance I have to be a missionary, for the opportunity that I had to be raised in the one true church on the earth, for the people I’ve been able to meet on my mission, for the opportunity that I have to share this incredible gospel with others every day, and for my Savior who has given me a chance to live with all my loved ones for eternity!
Well, I’m out of time! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love you!

Sister Hailey Gehring