Hey Everyone!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We spent the afternoon with Terry and her husband and son- great dinner 🙂 then we had some pie with another family in the ward (the Ellsworths) and then we had another dinner with Aislinn and her kids 🙂 Ha too much food 🙂 But it was a lot of fun!
We didn’t have a ton of appointments this week due to the Holiday but we knocked a lot of doors and got to pray with a lot of people. Ha I realized this week that it is really cool to pray with strangers on their doorstep! We’ve been doing it all along but this week I’ve really noticed the change of attitude people have towards us after we’ve prayed with them. Usually people aren’t super excited to have us knock on their door. But after we show them that we love and care for them by praying for them they will sometimes talk to us for a minute about what we do and usually leave on a really good note 🙂
We have a Nativity Festival going on this upcoming weekend here in our new Stake Center so we are gearing up for that! We have been handing out fliers for it since October so hopefully a good portion of the community will come to celebrate with us what most of us have in common-Jesus Christ! I’m so excited that it is December 🙂 My companion and I have been singing Christmas songs for about a month now 🙂 haha It is an exciting time of the year! And this month (as our Mission President has said) is Christs month! So lets strive every day to be just a little more Christlike 🙂 Pray for opportunities to serve someone every day and to share the gospel! I love you all 🙂 Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring