Hey everyone!
It’s getting colder!! That means Christmas is coming!!! My companion and I have been getting in the Christmas spirit since before Thanksgiving! (Sister Chapman is one to listen to Christmas music all year long) haha we have fun.
We actually did an exchange on Tuesday. I stayed in Wollochet to be with Sister Crosby (she was my trainer) We had sooooo much fun! It was awesome to be with her again and talk about our time in Highland Hills! Then, at one point we went into Fred Myer for a little break and before we went in we said a prayer that we would have a missionary opportunity and guess what! We started talking to a lady and she was very interested to learn more! And she ended up being from the Highland Hills boundaries! So it was really cool to get a referral for the area where we used to serve together 🙂 I love the lifetime friendships I’ve been able to make on my mission!
Last night we went to a “Live Nativity” put on by the Baptist church and it was just like you were in Jerusalem! (I’ve never been there but that’s what people kept saying!). We’ve been doing a Nativity Festival at our church so we decided to support theirs and have us walk through with our nametags so they know we are supporting their stuff. Well, as soon as we walked in, a guy got up in our faces and started talking really fast and pointing to our nametags. At first we were confused and thought he was just playing a part like everyone else… but soon we realized that he wasn’t exactly in character. He kept talking and talking and I just wanted to leave but I couldn’t! After probably 5 minutes of me and my companion standing there we were finally able to cut in and tell him that we needed to move on. Other than that little welcome, it was a lot of fun! There were real animals and they had lots of cool Jerusalem stuff!
Also, we spent some time helping out with the Nativity Festival that we did at our church building. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people from the community showed up! There were about 600 nativities that people brought to be on display! Our district also sang some Christmas songs Friday night for it 🙂 It was awesome!
Well, that’s all for now!

Sister Hailey Gehring