Hey Everyone!
This week flew by for me! We had an incredible weekend-Keri and Leelah were baptized by Keri’s new husband, Leif. It was such an amazing day! They invited tons of their non member friends and family and the Spirit was so strong the whole time so hopefully some of them recognized it and will be back! Keri and Leelah were both confirmed yesterday in church. Next goal: the temple in a year! I am so happy for their family. Leif was in a very dark place 2 years ago but now he is so excited about the gospel and is so grateful for the Atonement. They are an amazing family!
Also, guess who walked into Keri and Leelahs baptism!! Brother Elliot! (Our ward mission leader!) He is home and is doing really well. He was also at church yesterday and participated in the confirmations. It is a miracle! We are so happy to have him back 🙂 This has been a huge testimony builder for their family and for us! We know that there is so much power with prayer and fasting, the power of the Priesthood is real, and God is so aware of each of us and our situations.
Yesterday was a great day. There were so many people at church. Almost all the recent converts and less actives we have been working with were there and we also had all but one of our investigators there! After church we had a break the fast as a ward. The ward is becoming more missionary-minded. I’m so excited for them to have missionary experiences and see the miracles that come from doing the Lords work!
Thats about it for this week! Have a good one!