Hello Everyone!
I’ve been in Port Angeles for 5 weeks now! Crazy! That means transfer calls are this Saturday! I will be getting my transfer “call” from President and Sister Weaver in person this time. They will both be here this weekend for our Stake Conference! We are so excited to spend some time with them! This week was a little slow, but we did have some great lessons. Amy is progressing really well- she has a lot of really hard things she is dealing with right now but she keeps reminding herself that it is all Gods plan and that everything will work out. She is a fighter! She really really wants to be baptized so we are trying to help her quit smoking. She sees the benefits and the blessings that will come from quitting but she does it when she is stressed and unfortunately the trials she is facing right now are extremely stressful. She can do it though. Prayers for her please!
Earlier this week I was reading in Preach My Gospel and I read one of the little study boxes. It was talking about addictions and it challenged us to find some things that you do out of habit a lot (chewing nails, adjusting glasses, overeating…) and to go a whole day without doing it even once. Then to go a whole week without doing it at all. This is to help us better understand self-mastery and how difficult it can be to overcome an addiction. I set some goals and have been working on overcoming a few of my bad habits and it has been really hard! But, I know that I can do it!
Another great lesson we had was last night. We taught Will. He is the ex husband of a girl in our ward who is preparing to go on a mission 🙂 We taught in her familys home and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. He is preparing for baptism, which is such a cool thing to see. Ah! I love being a missionary. There is no better feeling in the world than to teach someone the plan that God has for His children. Just knowing the plan alone gives us a completely new perspective on life. I am so grateful to know that plan and to be able to share it with others. Well, till next time! Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring