Hey everyone!
This week was BUSY! So much happened! First off, transfer calls! President and Sister Weaver were here for our Stake Conference so we got our transfer news straight from them! Sister Muto will be going to Tacoma and I will be staying for another transfer and follow-up training Sister Horgesheimer! Should be fun 🙂 I’m really excited!
Stake Conference was AMAZING! Elder Baxter (from the seventy) was here and I learned so much! Something that he said hit me pretty hard when he was speaking: “Joseph Smith is known as the great revelator, and that is because he was the great questioner.” This helped me take a step back and realize that I need to be better about asking inspired questions in my prayers. That is how we are able to have the questions of our soul answered and learn from the Spirit! I wish I could talk about all the things I learned in those meetings but I just don’t have enough time… He was very entertaining to listen to and has such an incredible testimony… It made me extra excited for General Conference which is coming up!!!!
Also, this week we had the opportunity to teach about our beliefs in a religions class at the high school. It was a lot of fun! The students had a lot of really great questions and it was nice to clear up a lot of the misconceptions they had about our church. Our ward mission leaders daughter was in one of the classes and aparently after one of the classes a student went up to her and asked what she needed to do to become a mormon! haha so hopefully we will get her information soon and help her towards the waters of baptism! The high school was a very scary and dark place to be but I know that some of the students were able to feel the Spirit when we told our conversion stories and taught them about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Hopefully many of them were able to recognize the difference of having the Spirit there while we were teaching them.
Update on Amy: She is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! We are so happy for her 🙂 After we taught her the Word of Wisdom she went from smoking a pack a day to having two days that she smoked three cigaretts and then one day with only one and hasn’t had one since! She also hasn’t had coffee since we taught her. She is determined to be obedient to Heavenly Fathers commandments. I am so happy for her! It will be a special day!
Wow! So thats a brief update on all the things that went on this week. I also went on an exchange with Sister Hardy (we were in the MTC together), I hit my 10 month mark (crazy!) and we had another awesome lesson with Will- he should be getting baptized fairly soon too! Lots of prayers for Will and Amy! I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring