Hey Everyone!
Wow! What an incredible weekend! I hope everyone was able to watch general conference, it was so amazing πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed watching it but I can’t wait to go back and read them again- my random scribbled down notes aren’t nearly as clear as what was really said so hopefully the talks will be out soon!
My favorite talk was President Utchdorfs on Sunday morning. He talked about how all of us are going to experience hard times, but that the way to bring the peace, comfort and joy into your life is by being grateful! We are commanded to be grateful in all things! That includes our trials. We don’t always understand but we must trust! I think that when we more fully understand Gods plan for us, we are able to see that the reason why we have hard times is so that we can learn something. So trials really are blessings! Also, I think Utchdorf said something along the lines of, “How much of life do we miss while waiting for better when there is something to enjoy now!” That is one thing that I need to work on. I’m always sooooo excited for what is next! I realized that I find myself thinking- “I can’t wait till this weekend!” or “Just gotta make it through today, tomorrow will be better”… When I think like that I’m not enjoying right now! I need to be more grateful πŸ™‚ We all do!
Jean A. Stevens also said something that goes along these lines. She said that if we trust in the Lord truly, we can handle anything! Also, the gospel is not weight- its wings! If I have learned anything on my mission it is that commandments are freedom!!
Well, I have to get going but I hope you all go listen to the conference talks. I love you all!

Sister Hailey Gehring