Hey everyone!
Week one of another transfer here in Port Angeles! Transfer meeting was great- as usual. Unfortunately, that was the last transfer meeting where all the missionaries in the mission were able to come. Now only missionaries who are being transferred will be allowed to go. It was really sad to sing Amazing Grace(My Chains Are Gone) -our mission theme song- for probably the last time as an entire mission 😦 That is something that is very special about the WaTac. We are all really close and have a lot of friends in the mission because we have had lots of opportunities to be together as a mission. Also, Amazing Grace(My Chains Are Gone) will always have a very special place in my heart.
Sister Horgesheimer and I had a lot of appointments set up for this week and we were super excited to start the transfer off with a bunch of great lessons- unfortunately every single lesson fell through. Haha but this is missionary work. Luckily I have a super great companion and we were able to still have a great week and have a lot of fun.
A couple days ago we were knocking doors and we stopped for a second to write down some info in our planners. While we were writing, a girl (in her 20s) was walking super fast past us on the sidewalk. We tried to talk to her and she told us to walk with her. She teaches dance classes and she was headed over to the dance studio. So we walked with her and talked to her about what we do as missionaries and told her about the Book of Mormon. She was way excited about it and told us about how God just keeps teaching her things and how much she loves learning more and more about God and what He wants for her. She is incredible! Hopefully we will be able to teach her soon 🙂 She is so sweet! Her name is Joy.
Well, that’s about all for this week! Have a good one!

Sister Hailey Gehring