Hey Everyone!
This week has been awesome! I absolutely LOVE Elma! It is out in the middle of nowhere 🙂 Our area covers a few very small towns: Elma, Montesano, Satsop, and Brady. Much different from being in Lacey! Sister Johnston is awesome 🙂 We are having a blast catching up on what has happened on our missions since the MTC. We have both changed so much. I feel like we haven’t stopped since transfer meeting. We really did hit the ground running- there is so much to do here and so little time! The ward is a little sad… not many people were at church. We do have an incredible ward mission leader who helps us so much though!
We have two people who we are teaching. Scott and Sherri. Scott is a retired logger who wants to be baptized! He has some interesting views on some things but he came to church on Sunday and is very in tune with the Spirit. Sherri was a former investigator that we found this week. Her boyfriend and his daughter are moving from Nigeria to come live with her and she said that they all want a new fresh start and they want to get married and be baptized! Ha so we will see how that goes!
I got some exciting news this week! An investigator that I was teaching in Lacey last transfer (Emily) is getting baptized August 2nd! It got moved up 2 weeks! So I get to go to her baptism this week 🙂 Soooo happy for her. She really wants to be sealed to her husband in the temple. She is such a special lady. She has been investigating the church for about 45 years now!
On Saturday I had a very tender moment visiting a lady named Hilda. She is in her 70s and had a stroke a few years ago. She now is not able to communicate very well at all. She is living with her daughter and son in law and its not a very good situation. We just felt like we should go see her. She was home alone and so we had a little chat with her. We talked with her for a few minutes- she still responds and tries to talk, we just can’t understand her at all. But we shared a scripture with her and bore our testimonies and she started telling us about some really hard things in her life that God has helped her get through. She also bore her testimony on the resurrection. She spoke just as unclearly as she usually did but the Spirit was so strong that we were able to understand her testimony. 🙂 I also played “Choose the Right” on the piano for her (Ha not very well, but I tried) and she started crying and gave us big hugs 🙂 I love being a missionary. I know that she really just needed to feel loved and isn’t it wonderful that we get to help with that 🙂 I’ve really been feeling so grateful for what God is allowing me to experience every day on my mission. I am so blessed!
I hope you all have a great week 🙂 Can’t believe we are almost through July… I love you all 🙂

Sister Hailey Gehring