Hey everyone!
Wow, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving for the past week! Ha missionary work was pretty fast paced before but now we don’t have time for anything! We did a lot of driving this week. We drove to Lacey (my old area-about an hour away) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (to Tacoma on Friday), and Saturday.
Tuesday and Wednesday it was for my first exchange as an STL. I was able to go to Olympia with Sister Chapman (my companion from Gig Harbor). We had a blast catching up on things that have happened on our missions since we had been companions. It went really well for my first exchange I think. I love that girl. So grateful for the friends I’ve been able to make on my mission.
Friday we had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) It was a lot of fun! I’m really enjoying being able to work more closely with President and Sister Blatter and getting to know them. They are great. For MLC we discussed some of the rules in the mission and some potential changes. The Blatters are very interested to hear our opinions and figure out what is best for the mission. We also had a great training from the APs and President.
Saturday we went back to Lacey for the baptism of Emily Ott! I had the opportunity to teach her during those 6 weeks I had in Lacey and she moved her baptism up because her family from Utah wanted to come support her. She has been investigating the church for about 45 years. It was such a wonderful baptism and I am so grateful that she has made the decision to be baptized and set goals to get to the temple. She is very excited and so is her family.
Our investigator Scott came to church yesterday! We had all been invited in ward council to bear our testimonies so we did! I talked about Emilys baptism and how I knew that her baptism was done by the same authority that Christ was baptized with and how grateful I was that the Priesthood and fullness of the gospel was restored to the earth for us and a few other things. Just a simple testimony. But last night we went to see Scott and he was really touched by our testimonies and asked: How do I get baptized, and can I get baptized in Elma? Ha so we told him all about baptism and invited him to be baptized on the 23rd! He has to work on some things but we are so excited for him! He told us that our church is the only one that he has really felt good about being in. He said he found home 🙂 and even got a little teary! Big deal for an old logger! I just love the Spirit and how much of an influence it has on people when they have their hearts open.
Well, crazy week! Ha and that was only the biggest things that happened this week! Hope you all have a good one!

Sister Hailey Gehring