Hey Everyone!
This week flew by! Its mostly just a blur of knocking doors, an exchange with Sister Muto, lots of spiders, service, a couple teaching appointments, mission leadership council, and lots of walking!

My exchange with Sister Muto on Tuesday was great. She is currently serving in Adna and I was able to spend the day there with her! I love Sister Muto. She is a great missionary and is so selfless. She taught me so much when I was with her and it is awesome to see her growth since Port Angeles. We had a blast talking about the fun times we had and the amazing people we were able to meet 🙂

On Friday we had Mission Leadership Council. We discussed some rule changes and other fun things that are coming up: Zions Camp, firesides… etc. We had a training on how to better work with members and I learned so much that I’m excited to put into effect here in Elma! I’ve been able to see so many miracles on my mission from working with members. It is so important that members come to lessons with us and get involved in missionary work! It is a blessing for the member, the missionaries, and the investigator! As missionaries, we get to see miracles every day- we want members to be able to witness these miracles and be a part of them! Everything in missionary work goes better when missionaries and members are working in unity. Rather than the missionaries doing work in their area- it is missionaries helping the members work in the members area! That is the mentality we should have! This work is so amazing and brings so much joy. Get anxiously engaged in it and every aspect of your life will be blessed! Have a great week!

Sister Hailey Gehring