Hey everyone!
So we got our transfer calls! Horgesheimer is staying in Port Angeles and getting Sister Olson and I’m going to Lacey 3rd and my new companion will be Sister Palmer. I’m excited for a change but I’m REALLY sad to be leaving Port Angeles and Sister Horgesheimer… I’ve had so much fun these past few months! Port Angeles is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I’m really going to miss this place but I’ll be back! ūüôā
It is crazy thinking back on this week. We were SO busy so it flew by! When we didn’t know what our transfers calls were going to be we got the area ready as if we were getting doubled out (both getting transfered out of the area). We got a new ward list and went through the whole thing, writing notes, and seeing what potential there was for some part member families that could be taught. We found sooooo many! One was a surprise though! There is a lady in the ward who has recently been coming back to church. She just got called to be a ward missionary so we have been teaching her the lessons so that she can learn them and help us when we teach investigators. Her daughter has been sitting in on these lessons as well and while we were going through the ward list we realized that her daughter hasn’t been baptized! So that will probably happen soon hopefully! On Wednesday we got to go to Forks again for district meeting. No, I didn’t see any vampires ūüôā Friday night we got a call from our bishop letting us know that one of our eternal investigators promised him that she would pray specifically about the things we were teaching her (which is a big deal!) So there is sooo much potential here in Port Angeles. I’m going to miss it but I know that Sister Horgesheimer will take good care of it. She really is one of the best missionaries I’ve served with. I feel so blessed to have had this time to serve and learn with her. We have had so much fun and we have made so memories and eternal friends here ūüôā¬†She will always be one of my dearest friends!¬†
This transfer I’ve learned soooo much about the Atonement and¬†charity. Horge and I¬†have been talking about those two subjects a lot! Especially the past couple days. We are both¬†striving to gain the virtue of Charity. I know that as we develop¬†charity¬†we will more fully understand and become like the Savior. Jesus Christ is charity. He has unconditional love for all of us. There was a comment made in Gospel Essentials class yesterday that really struck me. Someone in¬†the class said that as Christ was being nailed to the cross he was more concerned about what the men were doing to their souls than the physical pain that they were causing him. They were turning themselves from him and that was truly more painful to him than any physical pain that they could inflict. I know that it is only through Christs¬†Atonement that we can be saved. I love my Savior so much and am so grateful¬†for what he has done¬†for me.
Sister Hailey Gehring